Urban Discipline (EN): July 2002
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Urban Discipline 2002

Graffiti-Art Ausstellung in der Bavaria St. Pauli Brauerei, Hamburg

In 2002, the Urban Discipline took place for the last time so far. On ca. 1500 m² exhibition ground in the old Astra brewery in Hamburg, more than 30 artists from all over the world met to give evidence that some Graffiti is different to other Graffiti. The location was just perfect for the exhibition: almost unlimited exhibition grounds, a courtyard allowing to create a giant mural.

The exhibition went beyond the scope of many things: an enormous variety of styles was being showed, mentalities from all over the world met and many projects were realized.
Artists like Zedz from Amsterdam, Banksy from the UK, Stak from France, Nami/La Mano from Spain, Nina, Herbert, Vitche, the Os Gemeos from Brazil and many other from all over the world showed an impressive variety of how Graffiti can be interpreted.
During the exhibition, a big mural was created in the courtyard that almost all of the artists participated in as well as a few guests.

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Urban Discipline 2002 - Book

For some it is only one of the most interesting Graffiti books ever, with lots of well-known artists and pictures from all over the world. For others, it completes the yearly visit to Hamburg City: The book accompanying the Urban Discipline Graffiti Art exhibition became a sought after collector's item right after it's second edition for everybody interested in art and fans.
Quality was the main measure. No compromises have been made, neither in design nor in the production. This year, round 34 artists built the team. Beneath the various photos of the past months - some of them of big productions, the very personal texts of the artists make this book different and very special.

Participating Artists:
Os Gemeos, Vitche, Herbert, Nina (Sao Paulo / Brazil), Puzle (Melbourne / Australia), Mear (Los Angeles / USA), Joker (Portland / USA), Banksy (London / UK), Zedz (Amsterdam / Netherlands), CMP (Kopenhagen / Denmark), Stak, HNT, Andrè, Alexone (Paris / France), Nami/La Mano (Barcelona / Spain), Dare (Basel / Switzerland), Toast (Bern / Switzerland), Loomit, Sat One (Munich), ECB (Landau), Viagrafik (Mainz)Seak (Cologne), Peter Michalski (Dortmund), Stuka (Braunschweig), Esher (Berlin), Tasek, Daim, Daddy Cool, Stohead (Hamburg)

"Urban Discipline 2002 Graffiti-Art"
144 pages
Language: Deutsch/English
Publisher: getting-up
ISBN 3-00-009421-0

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